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  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hunting
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Surfing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Spa
  • Sightseeing
  • Beaches

Golf :

Golf was introduced to Morocco in the early twentieth century, even before the introduction of football (soccer). Today golf is enjoyed by people all over the country. There is an international course in Rabat (Dar-Es Salam Royal Golf), and other golf courses can be found in Casablanca, Agadir, Marrakech, and Fez amongst other cities. The cost to play these courses are comperable to what you would pay in the United States and Europe.

Playing golf in Morocco is a sport that can be played all year long. Morocco has nine gold courses, eight are between Agadir and Tangier over the Atlantic ocean, and the ninth is in Marrakesh. So wherever you travel in Morocco, you are sure to find a golf course and a unique story of golfing in the country of Africa.

Tennis :

Tennis is a sport played all over Morocco and the country has three players playing on the ATP tour. Whether a beginner or advanced player, there is fun to play tennis all throughout Morocco.

Morocco is not known for their tennis, yet they do have 17 players ranked by the ATP (up from 14 6 months ago) tour as of 4/06/2007.
These include (Rank, Name) :

  • 168 El Aynaoui, Younes (MAR)
  • 457 Chaki, Rabie (MAR)
  • 581 Ouahabi, Talal (MAR)
  • 582 El Aarej, Mounir (MAR)
  • 702 Tahiri, Mehdi (MAR)
  • 779 Arazi, Hicham (MAR)
  • 798 El Amrani, Reda (MAR)
  • 882 Fattar, Anas (MAR)
  • 867 Ziadi, Mehdi (MAR)
  • 1122 El Alaoui, Ali (MAR)
  • 1222 Idmbark, Yassine (MAR)
  • 1261 Saber, Mohamed (MAR)
  • 1342 Benmansour, Karim
  • 1507 Dani, Hafid (MAR)
  • 1507 Filali, Kamil (MAR)
  • 1507 Laalej, Omar (MAR)
  • 1507 Rachidi, Younes (MAR)

Source : ATP Tennis

The most famous of these players is Hicham Arazi who in 2001 was ranked as high as #21 in the world.

Mountain biking :

Incredibly treacherous climbs and steep winding descents challenge the most avid mountain biker in the hills of central and southern Morocco. For the novice, there are easy to navigate trails throughout much of the country for you to enjoy.

Hunting :

All types of birds and wildlife can be found in Morocco. Quail, doves, snipe, teal, grouse, pheasants, thrushes, and pigeons are abound. The best time for hunting is in March.

Skiing/Snowboarding :

Enjoy the powder of the Atlas Mountains in Oukaïmeden, only 45 miles (70km) from Marrakech or ski the mountains of Michlefen near the cities of Meknes and Fez. Cross-country skiers are treated to a wide selection of trails.

Surfing :

The breakers of the Atlantic ocean attract surfers from all over the world. Major international competitions are held here, so whether a novice or a well-seasoned surfer, you will find what you are looking for in Morocco.

Horseback Riding / Camel Riding :

An activity you will want to tell your grandchildren is riding the camels of Morocco. You can also go horseback riding on trails, giving beautiful vistas of Morocco’s beautiful country, or take a romantic horseback ride down the beaches of the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea.

Spa Treatments :

Do what you went on vacation to do. Relax! The hot spas of Moulay Yaakoub, near Fez is the perfect place to unwind and relax. The hot spas are renowned for curing many different types of ailments such as rheumatism, skin, and respiratory problems with the newest equipment available. There is also The Lido in Casablanca, a thalassotherapy institute (a place that heals through the power of water and minerals).

Sight Seeing :

With such a storied and extensive past, there are plenty of sights to see in Morocco.

While in the northeast, be sure to make time for Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca which shows pure Moroccan architecture, and is the only Mosque non-muslims may visit as well as City Hall in downtown.

Rabat boasts Morocco’s most famous monument – Hassan tower, an unfinished minaret (a tower attached to a mosque) surrounded by over 200 columns.

For the young and young at heart, a trip to the Rabat/Temara Zoo is an absolute must.

Another famous attraction is the ancient fishing village on the coastline of Essaouira.

Traveling to Fez will bring you to Volubilis. Here you will find Roman ruins including a victory arch, basilica, and mosaics.

Travel south to Marrakech where you can visit the market at Jemma el Fna where there is continuous day and nightlife. All types of food from mint tea to all types of fish, meat, and vegetable dishes. Agadir is known for her beautiful beaches. There is a commercial fishing port and you will find numerous restaurants serving the freshest seafood straight from the sea.

From the fanciest of restaurants to down-home family restaurants, Agadir is the place to go for great seafood and wonderful beaches.

Beaches :

Morocco boasts some of the best beaches in the world, bordering both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean (Agadir is a beach-lovers paradise). Enjoy a walk down the beach with the sand between your toes in the cities of Tangier, Cabo Negro, and Saidia to mention just a few on the Mediterranean and Temara, Casablanca, Essaouira, and Agadir just to name a few. Try your hand a surfing or wind-sailing, relax while basking in the sun, or take a horse ride down the white beaches of Morocco.

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