Moroccan Dessert

Casablanca, Spanish for “the white house” (الدار البيضاء in Arabic), is the economic backbone of Morocco. The chief port of Morocco, it is considered the economic capital even though Rabat is the official capital. Casablanca is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to its harbor trade and serves as both the commercial and industrial backbone of Morocco.

Nowhere else in the world is there such a clash between the modern life of the western world and the traditional Islamic traditions that have for so long been a part of the city. Skyscrapers tower over the city standing in stark contrast to the old buildings that allows us not to forget Casablanca’s past.

The second largest city in Africa (Cairo being the largest) with over 3 million people (3.5Million, September 2004 Census Statistics), there is no shortage of resorts, hotels, and shops. Though Casablanca may be a thriving economic powerhouse, it is indeed not the best place to see the historic buildings and mosques as other cities such as Fez and Rabat offer more in terms of museums and mosques.

One must see while in Casablanca is Hassan II Mosque which is the second largest in the world (Shah Faisal Mosque near Islamabad is the largest). An incredible 25,000 worshipers can be housed in the mosque and another 80,000 can be accommodated in the courtyard. At 210 meters, the Hassan II minaret is the largest and tallest in the world. It is the only Mosque in Morocco open (for a fee) to non-Muslims

Having Fun in Moroccan Atlas Mountains

Just a short drive south into the Atlas mountains of Morocco will take you from the warm climate of the Mediterranean to the cold and snowy region.

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